Lista de reproducción de radio Stellar Chillán

Radio Stellar
Horas Artista Canción
9:49 Brick Dazz
9:48 Billy Joel She's Always A Woman
9:22 Shalamar A Night To Remember
8:12 Mariah Carey If It’s Over
8:11 John O'banion Love You Like I Never Loved Before
7:43 Cutting Crew I Just Died In Your
7:00 Ash Girl From Mars
6:59 Belly Feed The Tree
5:41 Tears For Fears Shout
4:57 Charlie Puth Attention
4:48 Electric Light Orchestra Julie Don't Live Here
4:11 Garbage Special
2:53 Jex Opolis Human Emotion (Original Mix)
2:51 Deeper & Pacific Feat. Daniela Ferraz Una Passion Perdida
2:24 Paco Fernandez Flores De Libertad
2:07 Touch And Go Straigh To... Number One (Dreamcatcher's Mix)
1:36 Penguin Cafe Ricercar
1:35 Groove De Praia Is This Love