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Rockaxis Radio
Horas Artista Canciones
19:35 Radiohead I promise
19:32 Almendra Muchacha ojos de papel
19:27 Tame impala Cause im a man
19:27 Tame impala Cause im a man
19:25 Ramones I wanna be sedated
19:24 Ramones I wanna be sedated
19:21 The offspring Pretty fly
19:17 Placebo Beautiful james
19:13 Porcupine tree Walk the plank
19:11 Weezer The end of the game
19:02 Dream theater Pull me under
19:01 Dream theater Pull me under
19:01 Dream theater Pull me under
19:01 Escudo Nadie sobra 3
19:00 Escudo Nadie sobra 3
19:00 Escudo Nadie sobra 3
18:57 John lennon Jealous guy
18:56 John lennon Jealous guy
18:53 Jane's addiction Standing in the shower... thinking
18:50 Queens of the stone age Monsters in the parasol
18:48 Rush The spirit of radio
18:36 Alice in chains The one you know
18:33 Ghost Spillways
18:31 Los bunkers No me hables de sufrir
18:22 Opeth Burden
18:17 Genesis I know what i like
18:13 Mötley crüe Hooligans holiday
17:59 At the drive in One armed scissor
17:58 The beatles I am the walrus
17:43 Ted nugent Stranglehold
17:30 Metallica One
17:26 A perfect circle The outsider
17:24 Arctic monkeys Brianstorm
17:23 Escudo Nadie sobra 2
17:21 Dracma Chilenada
15:53 Ac/dc Highway to hell
15:46 Nine inch nails Something i can never have
15:43 Papa roach She loves me not
15:39 Suede 15 again
15:36 Riverside Found
15:34 Pantera Walk
15:23 R.e.m. All the right friends
15:15 The cure In between days
15:09 Filter Take a picture
15:06 Def leppard Dangerous
15:03 Muse Will of the people
15:02 Escudo Nadie sobra 3
14:58 La horda Paloma quiero contarte
14:54 Megadeth Train of consequences
14:49 The who Who are you
14:45 Korn Freak on a leash
14:40 Red hot chili peppers Poster child
14:33 Tears for fears Sowing the seeds of love
14:30 System of a down Toxicity
14:25 The living end Prisoner of society
14:23 Billy idol Cage
14:20 Uriah heep Easy livin
14:16 Prince Cream
14:12 Avenged sevenfold Hail to the king
14:08 Marilyn manson Disposable teens
13:54 Europe En chile
13:49 Scorpions Rock you like a hurricane
13:46 Deep purple Strange kind of woman
13:43 Faith no more Last cup of sorrow
13:29 Greta van fleet Flower power
13:26 Motörhead Ace of spades
13:22 Eagles In the city
13:17 Rush Red sector a
13:14 Rival sons Good luck
13:04 Radiohead Just
13:01 James dean bradfield Therell come a war
12:57 The mars volta Vigil
12:55 Lucybell Lunas
12:42 Oasis Rock n roll star
12:35 Rammstein Zeit
12:31 Queen I want to break free
12:21 Kingdom come Living out of touch
12:17 Porcupine tree Walk the plank
12:13 The who Behind blue eyes
12:10 Pj harvey Down by the water
12:06 Fight Little crazy
12:05 Incubus Diamonds and coal
11:54 Weichafe Las cosas simples
11:48 Night ranger Sister christian
11:44 David bowie Ashes to ashes
11:36 White zombie More human than human
11:32 The killers Runaways
11:28 Nickelback San quentin
11:05 The black crowes Better when youre not alone
10:56 Killing joke Love like blood
10:51 Tears for fears Break it down again
10:48 Arcade fire Creature comfort
10:44 Nickelback San quentin
10:42 Europe En chile
10:39 Los bunkers Coma
10:30 Rush Closer to the heart
10:26 Nirvana In bloom
10:24 Tears for fears No small thing
10:10 Elton john Crocodile rock
10:06 Suede 15 again