Playlist Radio Puerto Montt

Horas Artistas Canciónes
11:11 B2 I want a dog
9:59 B1 What have i done to deserve this (disco mix)
9:49 B1 You know where you went wrong
9:44 B1 Don juan (demo)
9:37 B1 Heart (dance mix)
9:29 B1 Always on my mind (12'' version phil harding mix)
9:23 B3 You know where you went long
9:22 Luiseugenio Gingleslrg
9:15 B2 It's a sin (disco mix)
9:05 B1 It's alright (the sterling void mix)
8:57 B4 Heart
7:48 02 Good thing
3:30 B1 Opportunities (original dance mix)
0:59 Funfactory On top of the world (remix)
0:24 Masterboy Give me your love (remix)