Playlist Radio Metal Heart

Playlist Radio Metal Heart contiene una lista de canciones reproducidas en las últimas 24 horas. Descubre lo que está sonando ahora y disfruta de tu música favorita.

Horas Artistas Canciónes
10:40 Nervecell Malice within
10:34 Crystal roxx Violet eyes
10:34 Metal heart radio Mhrs
10:27 From the vastland Khan e dovom
10:19 Manilla road Grindhouse
10:16 Municipal waste The fatal feast
10:10 Helloween I want out
10:10 Metal heart radio Mhrs
10:02 Epicenter Shockwave
10:00 Devast Apocalyptic human extinction iii
9:56 Northern haze Iraq
9:49 Nazareth A. shapes of things b. space safari
9:44 Nervecell Malice within
9:41 T.t. quick 07 white spots
9:33 Monolithe Disrupted firmament
9:32 Metal heart radio Jingle
9:23 Black stone cherry Hangman
9:19 Acrassicauda House of dust
9:13 Celestial crown Consumed by fire
9:06 Revolution renaissance Kyrie eleison
9:05 Metal heart radio Mhrs
9:00 Tarja Until my last breath
8:59 Metal heart radio Mhrs
8:54 Blind guardian Curse my name
8:53 Metal heart radio Jingle
8:48 Metallica For whom the bell tolls
8:45 Sepultura Refuse resist
8:39 Mercyful fate Evil
8:36 Sepultura Refuse resist
8:30 Overkill Last man standing
8:30 Metal heart radio Jingle
8:24 416 – yngwie j. malmsteen Black star
8:10 Avantasia The seven angels
8:10 Metal heart radio Jingle
8:06 Sandonorico Padlí andělé
8:06 Metal heart radio Mhrs
8:01 Noirum Návrat z rána
7:57 Refore Tormented
7:53 Homo primitive Pus on my plate
7:52 Metal heart radio Mhrs
7:47 Silent stream of godless elegy Skryj hlavu do dlaní
7:42 Hecatoncheir Nightmare utopia (ii. him in the gulf)
7:37 Innersphere The old man of storr
7:34 Translunaria ... and thoughts will be embraced by nothingness
7:32 Metal heart radio Mhrs
7:27 Silent stream of godless elegy Skryj hlavu do dlaní
7:23 Syridas Ritual
7:19 1000bombs Rise to kill
7:15 1000bombs Revelation of the fallen
7:12 Day before Desolation
7:11 I am the verdict It's begun
7:11 Metal heart radio Mhrs
7:07 Homo primitive Pus on my plate
7:06 Metal heart radio Mhrs
7:02 Translunaria Where our essence gently drowned
7:02 Metal heart radio Mhrs
6:56 Translunaria Where our essence gently drowned
6:53 Moonpark No way back
6:52 Metal heart radio Jingle
6:48 Typhoid Cold cut
6:42 Homo primitive Blurred
6:38 Hecatoncheir Madness of the stars
6:34 Syridas Traitor
6:31 Deicide Bury the cross...with your christ
6:30 Metal heart radio Jingle
6:24 Morta skuld Soul piercing sorrow
6:19 Anthrax Caught in a mosh
6:14 Metallica Sad but true
6:13 Metal heart radio Mhrs
6:08 Counting hours Away i flow
6:04 Testament Low
6:00 Into the tempest Black is all
5:56 Pantera Cowboys from hell
5:52 At the gates Suicide nation
5:52 Metal heart radio Mhrs
5:48 Europe Hold your head up (2023)
5:43 Inner sanctum Mesurol
5:38 Zakk sabbath Planet caravan
5:33 Anthrax Caught in a mosh
5:33 Metal heart radio Jingle
5:27 Leah Unshakable (bonus ambient version)
5:24 Houwitser Onwards to battle
5:19 Metal riot Dreams die young
5:15 The michael schenker group Assault attack
5:15 Metal heart radio Jingle
5:09 Angels of babylon Fallen ones (feat. kenny rhino earl)
5:06 Kyuss Green machine
5:05 Metal heart radio Mhrs
5:01 Morta skuld Painful conflict
4:56 Cruzh Angel dust
4:51 Judas priest Crown of horns
4:47 Ac/dc You shook me all night long
4:43 Scott stapp Deadman's trigger
4:39 Dust bolt I am the one
4:36 Pantera Becoming
4:33 Ufo Too hot to handle
4:32 Metal heart radio Mhrs
4:27 Concerto moon Find my way (vocal & bass re-recording version)
4:22 Bad company Bad company
4:13 Metallica To live is to die
4:10 Lee aaron Teenage kicks
4:10 Metal heart radio Jingle
3:50 Rush La villa strangiato
3:50 Metal heart radio Jingle
3:46 Black sabbath Hole in the sky
3:42 David reece Seasons of a man
3:35 Halford Silent screams
3:31 Rage Paint the devil on the wall
3:30 Metal heart radio Jingle
3:24 Sonata arctica Last drop falls
3:19 The unity No more lies
3:13 Whitesnake Still of the night
3:10 Venom Welcome to hell
3:10 Metal heart radio Jingle
3:09 Luca turilli Rondeau in c minor
3:07 Vision divine Waiting for the dawn
3:02 Def leppard Animal
2:59 Scorpions Maybe i maybe you
2:52 Bruce dickinson Tears of the dragon
2:52 Metal heart radio Jingle
2:49 Arakain Metalománie
2:44 At vance Heaven is calling
2:38 Gamma ray Farewell
2:33 Iron mask My eternal flame
2:32 Metal heart radio Jingle
2:26 Accept Stalingrad
2:20 Yngwie malmsteen Dreaming (tell me)
2:15 Stratovarius Years go by
2:11 Crematory Tale
2:11 Metal heart radio Mhrs
2:05 Deep purple Smoke on the water
2:00 Allen - lande Come dream with me
1:56 Krokus Angel of my dreams
1:54 Edenbridge Elsewhere
1:54 Metal heart radio Jingle
1:48 W.a.s.p. Hallowed ground
1:41 Nightwish Shudder before the beautiful
1:36 Manowar Heart of steel
1:32 Within temptation Ice queen (radio version)
1:32 Metal heart radio Jingle
1:26 Sonata arctica Draw me
1:22 Aerosmith Sweet emotion
1:18 Eluveitie The call of the mountains
1:13 Within temptation Faster
1:13 Metal heart radio Mhrs
1:09 Slipknot Psychosocial
1:08 Metal heart radio Mhrs
1:03 W.a.s.p. Forever free