Playlist Radio Metal Heart

Metal Heart Radio

Esta lista de reproducción es una lista completa de todas las canciones y programas de radio reproducidos en esta radio en los últimos 7 días.

Horas Artista Canciones
21:34 Dark tranquillity Insanity's crescendo
21:31 Motorhead Ace of spades
21:31 Metal heart radio Jingle
21:24 Serenity Wings of madness
21:17 Helloween If i knew
21:15 Helloween If i knew
21:14 Metal heart radio Mhrs
21:07 Hammerfall Glory to the brave
21:06 Metal heart radio Mhrs
21:01 Avantasia Blowing out the flame
20:54 Candlemass At the gallow's end
20:54 Korpiklaani Korpiklaani - a man with a plan
20:48 Nazareth Dream on
20:47 Nazareth Dream on
20:47 Metal heart radio Mhrs
20:43 Kissin' dynamite Hashtag your life
20:39 Yngwie j. malmsteen Brothers
20:37 Nightwish Walking in the air
20:27 Edguy The pride of creation
20:24 Megadeth Hangar 18
20:14 Equilibrium Himmelsrand
20:14 Metal heart radio Jingle
19:10 Behemoth Messe noire | brutal assault full concert (2016)
19:00 Scorpions Holiday
19:00 Scorpions Holiday
18:59 Scorpions Holiday
18:57 Deathstars Death dies hard
18:55 Deathstars Death dies hard
18:55 Metal heart radio Mhrs
18:47 Slayer Angel of death
18:38 Rhapsody Unholy warcry
18:34 Ac/dc Highway to hell
18:34 Metal heart radio Jingle
18:30 Slayer Angel of death
18:18 Five finger death punch Jekyll and hyde
18:12 Gamma ray Miracle
18:00 Def leppard Let it go
17:57 Led zeppelin Whole lotta love
17:45 Deep purple Stormbringer
17:42 Iron maiden Be quick or be dead
17:42 Iron maiden Wasted years
17:30 Halford Silent screams
17:23 Black sabbath Children of the sea
17:20 Mot?rhead Bomber
17:08 Black sabbath Supernaut
17:05 Black sabbath Trashed
16:52 Tesla Modern day cowboy
16:48 Axel rudi pell Silent angel (guitar version)
16:46 Blind guardian A past and future secret
16:20 Firehouse Love of a lifetime
16:20 Firehouse Love of a lifetime
16:16 Ensiferum By the dividing stream
16:12 Motorhead Don't let daddy kiss me
16:11 Metal heart radio Mhrs
16:07 Kreator Satan is real
16:06 In flames Timeless
15:58 Nordic union Hypocrisy
15:53 Tesla Modern day cowboy
15:53 Metal heart radio Jingle
15:50 Kreator Flag of hate
15:47 Pain Shut your mouth
15:40 Black sabbath Iron man
15:36 Luca turilli Warrior pride (duel version)
15:32 Loudness Let it go
15:32 Metal heart radio Mhrs
15:22 Steel panther Gloryhole
15:22 Steel panther Gloryhole
15:21 Stratovarius 4000 rainy nights
15:16 Stratovarius 4000 rainy nights
15:13 Vader Helleluyah!!! (god is dead)
15:11 Steve vai Liberty
15:10 Metal heart radio Mhrs
15:07 Yngwie j.malmsteen Guardian angel (instrumental)
15:02 Wolf hoffmann Blues for elise
15:02 Wolf hoffmann Blues for elise
15:01 Metal heart radio Mhrs
15:01 Metal heart radio Mhrs
14:54 Seventh storm The reckoning
14:51 Clutch Nosferatu madre
14:50 Metal heart radio Jingle
14:44 Asylum Imminent decay
14:44 Metal heart radio Mhrs
14:35 Acod Empty graves / katabasis
14:35 Sigh Kuroi kagami
14:30 Sumerlands Edge of the knife
14:29 Metal heart radio Mhrs
14:24 Super vintage Rolling thunder
14:19 Parasite inc. Follow the blind
14:14 Tomb of finland Coffin bound
14:13 Metal heart radio Jingle
14:06 Seventh storm Gods of babylon
14:05 Sumerlands The savior's lie
13:51 Clutch Skeletons on mars
13:47 Terra atlantica Hellfire
13:44 Clutch Three golden horns
13:43 Seventh storm The reckoning
13:31 Seventh storm Seventh
13:30 Metal heart radio Jingle
13:26 Revocation The 9th chasm
13:18 Acod Empty graves / katabasis