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Horas Artista Canciones
7:29 Ramones Life's a Gas
7:24 Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Shotgun Blues
7:20 Led Zeppelin Dancing Days
7:16 Blind Melon Drive
7:11 David Lee Roth A Lil' Ain't Enough
7:05 Corrosion of Conformity 13 Angels
7:00 Alice in Chains Nutshell (Acoustic)
6:56 Ramones Poison Heart
6:46 Dream Theater Sheep
6:43 Led Zeppelin Going to California
6:38 Offspring Self Esteem
6:35 Aleste Límite (Acoustic)
6:31 Ozzy Osbourne Tattooed Dancer
6:24 The Stone Roses Love Spreads
6:21 Ramones Ignorance Is Bliss
6:14 Alice in Chains Frogs (Acoustic)
6:12 Ramones I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
6:09 Pink Floyd Young Lust
6:04 Alice in Chains Social Parasite (demo)
6:00 Aerosmith Push Comes to Shove
6:00 Juan Pablo Marca 5
5:58 Nirvana Very Ape
5:55 Attaque 77 Soy rebelde
5:48 Guns N' Roses Human Being
5:41 Metallica Fade to Black
5:40 Ramones Have a Nice Day
5:34 Pantera 5 Minutes Alone
5:29 Queen One Vision
5:25 Attaque 77 Hacelo por mí (live)
5:21 Stone Temple Pilots Wicked Garden
5:17 The Rolling Stones You Got Me Rocking
5:15 Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song
5:10 Red Hot Chili Peppers Warped
5:07 311 All Mixed Up
5:03 Judas Priest Living After Midnight
5:00 Jimmy Page & Robert Plant No Quarter
4:56 Poison Your Mama Don't Dance
4:51 Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb
4:45 Alice in Chains Grind
4:41 Damn Yankees Mister Please
4:36 Jimi Hendrix Mannish Boy
4:36 Juan Pablo Marca 1
4:32 4 Non Blondes Calling All the People
4:27 The Black Crowes She Talks to Angels
4:24 Motörhead I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)
4:18 Red Hot Chili Peppers Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky
4:15 Skid Row Little Wing
4:10 David Lee Roth Tell the Truth
4:05 Testament Trial by Fire
4:01 Yngwie J. Malmsteen Pictures of Home
3:57 Blind Melon Mouthful of Cavities
3:52 Candlebox No Sense
3:46 2X Nehuen
3:43 Pearl Jam Why Go
3:37 Ministry N.W.O.
3:33 Stone Temple Pilots Plush (Acoustic)
3:29 Bon Jovi You Give Love a Bad Name
3:24 Gamma Ray Changes
3:18 Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Blue on Black
3:14 Lenny Kravitz If I Could Fall in Love
3:08 Pearl Jam Breath
3:07 Ramones Rockaway Beach
3:02 Gilby Clarke feat. W. Axl Rose Dead Flowers
2:58 Steel Dragon Long Live Rock and Roll
2:53 Aerosmith Cryin'
2:49 U2 The Fly
2:43 Van Halen Poundcake
2:37 Monster Magnet Space Lord
2:34 AC/DC Who Made Who
2:28 Metallica Whiplash
2:25 Aerosmith Deuces Are Wild
2:22 Lenny Kravitz California
2:16 Judas Priest Turbo Lover
2:13 Alice in Chains Would? (Acoustic)
2:08 Metallica Stone Dead Forever
2:05 Ramones Pet Sematary
2:01 Blind Melon Swallowed
1:56 Iggy and The Stooges Raw Power
1:52 Weezer The Good Life
1:48 Rage Against the Machine Bombtrack
1:42 Testament The Ballad
1:38 Judas Priest Hell Patrol
1:34 Bruce Dickinson Gypsy Road
1:28 Pearl Jam Black
1:26 Weezer Buddy Holly
1:24 Joey Ramone Spirit in My House
1:18 AC/DC Problem Child
1:14 Metallica Don't Tread on Me
1:07 Tesla What You Give
1:01 Rush Virtuality
0:55 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
0:49 Rush Time and Motion
0:45 Primus Tommy the Cat
0:40 Queen White Man
0:36 Silverchair Shade
0:32 Extreme When I'm President
0:29 Eddie Vedder & Zeke I Believe in Miracles
0:24 Gilby Clarke Johanna's Chopper
0:22 Steve Vai Liberty
0:19 The Darkness I Believe in a Thing Called Love