Playlist Radio Sonar

La lista de reproducción de Radio Sonar contiene todas las canciones de las últimas 24 horas. Encuentra tus canciones favoritas y disfrútalas.

Horas Artistas Canciónes
16:36 The who Won't get fooled again
16:32 Queens of the stone age The lost art of keeping a secret
16:27 Faith no more Falling to pieces
16:23 Aerosmith Falling in love (is hard on the knees)
16:17 Led zeppelin Whole lotta love
16:12 Oasis Supersonic
16:09 Radiohead The bends
16:04 Foo fighters All my life vivo
15:59 Pearl jam Spin the black circle vivo
15:54 Green day Basket case
15:46 Anthrax Antisocial
15:42 Megadeth A tout le monde
15:33 Pink floyd Hey you
15:25 Nirvana Smell like teen spirit
15:13 Devo Freedom of choice
15:01 Kim wilde Kids in america
14:54 Motley crue Kickstart my heart
14:46 Divididos Nene de antes
14:42 Van hope El dia que mas temi
14:33 Guns n' roses Sweet child o'mine
14:18 Jane's addiction Summertime rolls
14:02 Soundgarden Fell on black days
13:56 Blondie Hanging on the telephone
13:52 R.e.m. Radio free europe
13:34 Thin lizzy The boys are back in town
13:24 Franz ferdinand Ulysses
13:13 Blind melon Toes across the floor
13:05 Tom petty Mary jane's last dance
12:52 Bruce springsteen Born in the u.s.a
12:33 The strokes Bad decisions
12:05 Faith no more Ricochet
11:57 Jack white Lazaretto
11:28 Queens of the stone age I sat by the ocean
10:55 Kiss Rock and roll all nite
10:47 Nirvana About a girl
10:13 Rush The spirit of radio
9:56 Pixies Here comes your man
9:53 The clash The magnificent seven
9:48 Los tetas Corazon de sandia
9:45 Red hot chili peppers Scar tissue
9:40 Soundgarden Burden in my hand
9:34 The beatles I've got a feeling
9:31 Led zeppelin Communication breakdown
9:25 Iron maiden The number of the beast
9:22 Guns n' roses Live and let die
9:16 Interpol C'mere
9:11 Intimate stranger Under
9:09 Alice in chains Them bones
9:05 Foo fighters This is a call
9:02 Los bunkers Fantasias animadas de ayer y hoy
8:58 Pink floyd Young lust
8:54 Deep purple Strange kind of woman
8:47 The smashing pumpkins Bullet with butterfly wings
8:42 Alamedas Recuerdos
8:37 U2 Pride (in the name of love) vivo
8:34 Ac/dc Highway to hell
8:30 Van halen Runnin' with the devil
8:27 Jane's addiction Been caught stealing
8:23 Faith no more Ashes to ashes
8:19 Carlos cabezas El resplandor
8:13 Depeche mode Barrel of a gun
8:09 Rama Comunicar
8:04 Metallica Hero of the day
8:00 Panico Lupita
7:56 Los prisioneros Nunca quedas mal con nadie
7:51 Los tres No sabes que desperdicio tengo en el alma
7:47 Motley crue Same ol' situation
7:40 Pearl jam Go
7:37 We are the grand Soy
7:34 Kaiser chiefs Everything is average nowdays
7:32 Magaly fields Mexican nights
7:28 Nirvana All apologies
7:24 Temple agents Politics
7:20 Bon jovi You give love a bad name
7:16 Oasis Roll with it
7:09 Stone temple pilots Crackerman
7:05 Queens of the stone age No one knows
6:58 Red hot chili peppers Coffee shop
6:54 Chancho en piedra Vientre fuerte
6:50 Casino En tus manos
6:47 The strokes Juicebox
6:41 Black sabbath Iron man
6:33 Guns n' roses Civil war
6:29 Undergarden Drink a drama
6:26 System of a down Chop suey!
6:21 Perrosky Am
6:17 Slade Cum on feel the noize
6:13 Lucybell Cuando respiro en tu boca
6:10 Radiohead No surprises
6:05 Guiso Deja tu camino
6:02 The clash I fought the law
5:58 Ramires! Accion
5:53 Ac/dc Shoot to thrill
5:50 The police Can't stand losing you
5:45 U2 Until the end of the world
5:42 Bbs paranoicos La rabia
5:38 Soundgarden Spoonman
5:30 David bowie Rebel rebel
5:26 Los bunkers Me muelen a palos
5:14 Angelo pierattini Baila dios