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Horas Artistas Canciónes
15:22 Fires in the distance Elusive light
15:12 King diamond Into the convent
15:07 Necrophobic The shadows
15:03 Dark tranquillity Ego deception
14:59 Ozzy osbourne Mr. crowley
14:57 Strapping young lad Plyophony
14:52 Amorphis Weeper on the shore
14:47 Dark tranquillity The dark unbroken
14:43 Meshuggah Terminal illusions
14:39 Veritas Love and burn
14:36 Immolation Blooded
14:31 Paradise lost Defiler
14:26 Belphegor Virtus asinaria
14:15 White ward Phoenix
14:11 Malevolent creation Remnants of withered decay
14:08 Pantera Cowboys from hell
14:03 Grande fox Empty nest
13:54 Morbid angel Maze of torment
13:48 Iron maiden Infinite dreams
13:46 Anabioz Dance, dance
13:41 Necrophobic Tartarian winds
13:27 Subfire Fate of a sinister world
13:22 Paradise lost Forsaken
13:16 Opeth Demon of the fall
13:11 Introtyl Abyss
13:03 Fires in the distance The lock and the key
12:55 Acherontas Lucifer breath of fire
12:50 Death Misanthrope
12:41 Blind guardian Let it be no more
12:38 Judas priest Diamonds and rust
12:22 Tool Pneuma
12:18 Persefone Katabasis
12:13 Nyxborn Exiled in arrakis
12:05 Voivod Facing up
12:00 Animals as leaders Gestaltzerfall
11:45 White ward False light
11:31 Mercyful fate Dead again
11:28 Venom In league with satan
11:21 King diamond A visit from the dead
11:20 Borknagar Krigsstev
11:15 Ozzy osbourne Bloodbath in paradise
11:11 Drink from the ala wai Necro-automaton
11:06 Auðn Eldborg
11:02 King diamond Black hill sanitarium
10:57 Death Baptized in blood
10:53 Kreator Pleasure to kill
10:39 King diamond The accusation chair
10:35 Airbourne Breakin' outta hell
10:29 Sidewalk mafia Cruel sacrifices
10:24 Saxon Lady in gray
10:19 Mercyful fate Come to the sabbath
10:09 Black sabbath Buried alive
10:05 Celtic frost Visual aggression
9:59 Saxon Remember the fallen
9:56 Judas priest Living after midnight
9:52 Necrophobic Dawn of the damned
9:47 King diamond Tea
9:45 Dismember Soon to be dead
9:40 Cattle decapitation Gristle licker
9:35 Testament Practice what you preach
9:30 Dio The last in line
9:25 Meshuggah The abysmal eye
9:19 Horrendous Stillborn gods
9:13 Soen Lumerian
9:07 Auðn Verður von að bráð
9:04 Judas priest The ripper
8:58 Unleash the archers Abyss
8:51 Pantera Cemetery gates
8:42 Paradise lost Serenity
8:40 Artificial brain Parasite signal
8:34 Blind guardian Damnation
8:28 Sepultura The pentagram
8:22 Ulcerate The lifeless advance
8:18 Grave Into the grave
8:14 Blind guardian Violent shadows
8:08 Watain Black cunt
8:01 Black sabbath Nightwing
7:59 Judas priest Breaking the law
7:56 Behemoth Before aeons came
7:50 Havukruunu Kunnes varjot saa
7:33 Virocracy Uproot
7:28 Critical defiance Spiral of hatred
7:21 Dark tranquillity Identical to none
7:18 Eximperitus Somnambulicnyja tullianni karawanau zillijonnamiesiacowych rozumazrokau žracou ïrminizmu
7:13 Benighted Casual piece of meat
7:09 Backwards Climbing high
7:06 Meshuggah Transfixion
7:00 Imperial triumphant Merkurius gilded
6:53 Acherontas Leviathan the fervent scales in reverence
6:48 Meshuggah Armies of the preposterous
6:45 Pepe/papa One way ticket
6:40 Devildriver The fury of our maker's hand
6:34 Sepultura Agony of defeat
6:30 Patriarch Barely alive, far from dead
6:25 Elkapath Black spiders
6:19 Paradise lost The devil embraced
6:16 Morbid angel This means war
6:12 Dark fortress Twilight
6:07 Dark tranquillity Remain in the unknown
6:04 Unleashed For they shall be slain