Playlist Radio Radio Metal Pandemia

Horas Artistas Canciónes
22:49 Revocation Lessons in occult theft
21:35 Kiara Archangel
20:36 Death Genetic reconstruction
20:21 King diamond The family ghost
19:57 Artificial brain Celestial cyst
19:10 King diamond Black hill sanitarium
17:06 Drink from the ala wai Necro-automaton
15:20 Sepultura Last time
14:12 Darkest horizon In times of devastation
13:09 Pantera Cowboys from hell
10:45 Morbid angel This means war
8:32 Terrible sickness Winds of extinction
7:25 Immolation Let the darkness in
3:20 Iron maiden The prophecy
0:24 Soreption Död jord
0:08 Blind guardian Let it be no more